Live In Full Time Courses

  • Live In Courses are carried out at our Porirua Jade Court facility.
  • Live In participants benefit from the in depth nature of full time involvement.
  • A two day Course is equivalent to training for four months at a once per weekly class.
  • Five - 8 day Courses contain knowledge and training that would normally span a year of single class involvement.
  • Live In Courses are very suitable for those people who lead busy lives and wish to do more focused training.
  • They are also important in establishing a foothold to develop your own Branch in your area or simply undertaking a Course for your own benefit and well being.
  • Live in involvement serves to amplify one’s experience within the Martial Arts.
  • Achievement goals are set with a balance between physical training, theory and lecture, self defence or stress management.
  • Facilities include our purpose built Motel lodging that offers a comfortable and authentic setting for study and training.
  • Cost is made to be affordable and within the budget levels of the participants.