What is RGMA?

Robert Gemmell Martial Arts is a highly sophisticated group of Martial Arts systems which harmonise the multi facets of Martial Arts such as :

Robert Gemmell Martial Arts

Self Defence

Exercise / Fitness



Improved Breathing

The holistic approach to the physical aspects of martial arts taught, including Tai Chi / Shaolin Kempo / Mulan (Fan Boxing) H'Singi Boxing and 8 Trigram Palm Boxing Method is unique to RGMA.

In other words all attributes of the Arts become a focus at varying learning points within the Programme.


Robert Gemmell Martial Arts

As opposed to conventional thinking where the Art name is the key factor, Robert Gemmell Martial Arts emphasise that the Arts widely taught under their own individual name within the strict guidelines of the individual Arts themselves, have lost much of the original philosophical concept and meaning.

RGMA does not place self defence or fighting as a priority when listing the numerous benefits and attributes that martial arts training can deliver. Having said that, the defence and fighting ability that can be achieved through RGMA is second to none. Robert Gemmell says that his School's unbeaten competition record over four decades was not achieved from a heavy emphasis on fighting or winning at competition level. Instead he places the credit for his School's success in the strict adherance to the underlying most important aspects of discipline, respect and the art of non fighting. For example he never asks any of his students when competing, to go out and win, emphasising that winning was a personal thing, achieved when people were in harmony, understood the difference between will (heart/mind) and proper application of the techniques learned.

Robert Gemmell believes that the martial arts are much more than fighting systems. He points out that in its early development the movements were first designed as exercise, stretching and breathing. The fact that the fighting techniques of animals were introduced and expanded to include self defence does not negate its original concept. Too often today, young Instructors as a result of their own self defence emphasis, portray the martial arts for fighting purposes only.

Conversely RGMA places a greater emphasis on martial arts as an exercise for the mind and body, secondly as discipline thirdly for self improvement, then self defence and lastly as a fighting system. However, let it be said that RGMA, through the combination of arts taught does produce a high level of effectiveness in the fighting arena along with, as Robert Gemmell says, "To be the best fighter one must first master the art of non fighting."

In conclusion to this brief explanation of RGMA, we have on the one hand several high quality martial arts systems being taught and on the other, a principled code of practise that enriches the physical training. To expand that code of practise the training programme has been structured in such a way as to make high achievement and ability within the reach of every student. In particular the system takes care to protect young people who are grouped under 20 years of age as follows:
Robert Gemmell Martial Arts

  • 4 - 8 years - Tiger Cubs
  • 9 -11 years - Tigers
  • 12 - 13 years -Little Dragons
  • 16 - 17 years - Young Warriors
  • 18-19 years - Warriors

The purpose of this grouping is not only to protect and contain young people in a safe environment but also to closely monitor their developmental changes through the sixteen years of their programme's span.

Complementing this programme is an equally well structured 5 Step Tai Chi Programme for the over 50's. Robert Gemmell proudly states that he built a successful School on the traditional values of martial arts.

With more than fifty years experience in Martial Arts himself and now recognised as a world leader in the field, he believes very much that the development of Martial Arts is an ongoing process which requires continuous contribution from its leading players. In this respect the Martial Arts must and will continue to evolve. Arts like Tai Chi, H'Singi, Bagua, and Mulan are all comparatively new when compared with the older Shaolin Kempo (Chuan Fa) which dates back thousands of years.

RGMA is our contribution and the founder encourages all leading Masters to make the same commitment to their art form and improve it, if not by technique, then by how it is taught and administered. After all the current Western popularity is the perfect opportunity to make such a contribution to an amazing physical activity that previously had little documentation and was passed from student to student in the parks and villages of China.