Shaolin Kempo

Robert Gemmell Martial Arts

Shaolin Kempo is an amazing Martial Art, the practise of which stimuates energy, self development, and self defence ability. Kempo utilises mostly hand techniques delivered from a strong stance and dynamic circular pattern. Translated as “Fistway” or “Law of the Fist” Kempo is practised by millions of people world wide. This powerful Art form is suitable for both young and old. Kempo to some is a “way of life” which provides energy and is a means by which to better one’s life.

History : Kempo is the oldest Martial Arts system known to mankind. It is based upon an exercise set of movements developed in India.  Later speading to China,  the 5 Animal techniques of self defense and fighting were integrated. Robert Gemmell founded his School after a life time of training which included learning from great masters in Japan, Okinawa, Taiwan and Mainland China.He also trained with the famous Kenpo Master Ed Parker in the United States and Chen Xiao Wang in China and New Zealand


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Crane Kempo
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Shaolin Kempo
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