GRAND MASTER STATUS

After forty years of active training, Christine Gemmell is destined to become the second

Grand Master of "Kempo New Zealand." Most Kempoists in New Zealand running a

Branch of their own came through one of the Robert Gemmell Kempo Schools.A proud

father and Founder of the School Robert Gemmell has trained widely throughout the world

including China, Okinawa, Japan, USA and Taiwan seeking knowledge on the art of Kempo

wherever he could learn. At a meeting with his Senior Masters most of whom are thirty

year veterans, Senior Grand Master Gemmell told his closest disciples that his daughter

Christine was the most qualified person to lead his School into the future.Christine a highly

motivated person herself has a Masters Degree in Psychology with a post graduate diploma

in clinical psychology and is currently a consultant clinical psychologist. A high achiever in

Kempo Christine who earned her Black Belt at age fifteen was also named "Tai Chi 

Instructor of the year' by the "Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame" of which she is an

inductee. Holder of many senior portfolio within the RGMA network of schools, which is

one of New Zealand's longest standing and largest Martial Arts organisations, Christine will

take the reins at a time her father steps away from the school. Though having celebrated

its first fifty years since founding "Kempo New Zealand" the school still needs a steady

hand to point the way, and Robert Gemmell believes he can still contribute at a senior level.


Simone and Lena from Germany have just trained at the RGMA Picton live in centre and enjoyed the training so much

they travelled to the Porirua Branch to further their knowledge. The New Zealand school is well positioned to expand

its International wing of the school with its expanding facilities in North and South Islands. 7th degree Black Sash Sifu

Debbie Scott is pictured (centre) with the two visitors.


The latest full time branch of the Robert Gemmell Martial Arts opened in Picton recently. Branches from Nelson, Auckland

Tauranga, Wellington, Porirua, Blenheim, Picton and Australia attended. The first two days saw a range of Instructors

conduct workshops according to their experience. Senior Master Stuart Gordon introduced many to the advanced principles of

Tai Chi Chuan. The Chen style (taiji) emphasises the low horse stance as derived from the Shaolin Chuan fa. Holding the tiger

stance was another training method that took some time to master. Master Gordon pointed out that phasing over forms to make

it easier was common place for less experienced students. Seventh degree black sash Thomas Rowe and eighth degree

Michael Fricker (Auckland) gave workshops in weaponry and Christine Gemmell M.A. Psychology who had completed

a masters thesis (published) on the effects of tai chi on traumatic brain injured persons, spoke on how the brain takes in information

to each segment of the brain. This followed Professor Gemmell's explanation on how Bagua Chuan (eight trigram boxing)

develops some of its theory and practice from how the brain connects either side and the two sides accumulate to eight (8).

Five days allowed sufficient time for an extensive study of the qi gong principles and techniques.

 Two other live in centres are being developed with the Jade Court Centre in Porirua now in its 30th year of operation. Live in

participation is popular within the chinese martial arts taught by Grand Master Robert Gemmell. Ages at the seminar ranged from

seven years old up to eighty four years. Live in students have stayed at the centre for periods ranging from eight days to four years.

Above Senior Master Christine Gemmell leads group through the morning tai chi practice at the RGMA live in centre.

Below Aaron Korowhiti in foreground changes palm three times.

Below Grand Master Robert Gemmell demonstrates the low cat stance at his Waikawa Centre.


a now in progress July 2014


                 Instructors from left Wendy Hearn,Mary Davey, Christine Gemmell.

continued -new black belts Angel Love Fonoti,Elizabeth Rose Fonati, Queenie Filipo.


Teaching children takes time and practise.

The Robert Gemmell system of teaching

has been developed over a forty year period

when the first under ten years old were

enrolled in 1972. Since then the age for

enrollment has extended down to four

years old.

This programme is now widely established.

For more information please telephone contact us

04 2375255 and 021312155





Tauranga Grading 

encompassing students and Instructors from Tokoroa, Hamilton, Rotorua, and